This is a statue for 3d printing and not a physical product.

The sculpt has been tested and printed in 1:10 scale and the individual parts fit on the build plate of a Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K.The resin used was Siraya Tech Fast Grey.

It is always recommended to check that the supports structure is suitable for your printer, resin, settings, and scale before printing. The supported chitubox files have been printed to test cuts and keys and are not necessarily optimal for printing purposes. Some files may be hollow to reduce suction and to use less resin when printing, If you prefer solid models and to create your own supports you can use the unsupported .stl files provided in the zip

Wolf Rider

18,00 €Price
  • Brand: Onionboyz
    Number of Parts: 6
    Number of files in Zip: 8
    Scale: 1:10

    WolfRider.chitubox - Supported files
    WolfRider_Base.chitubox - Supported files
    _WolfRider_1_10_Scale_Head.stl - Not Supported 
    _WolfRider_1_10_ScaleBase.stl - Not Supported
    _WolfRider_1_10_ScaleHand1.stl - Not Supported
    _WolfRider_1_10_ScaleHand2.stl - Not Supported
    _WolfRider_1_10_ScaleLegs.stl - Not Supported
    _WolfRider_1_10_ScaleTorso.stl - Not Supported

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